Supermankind  was exhibited at Australian Galleries Melbourne in March 2020.

Recently when my ten year old daughter proudly read to me her list of top ten favourite wild animals, I didn’t have it in me to tell her that almost all the animals on her list were either on the brink of extinction, for one reason or another- or will likely soon be so. All human induced, all preventable, all unforgivable.

The truth is our beautiful and diverse creatures of our planet were already in serious trouble, even before we understood the grim projections of climate change science. The enigmatic animals on her list being just a sliver of the hundreds of thousands of species gone or at breaking point

How did we get to this?….

We know exactly how, why, and when… We even know how best to undo much of the worst of our actions, but, for one reason or another the human race seems hell-bent on destruction.

We are only one of countless millions of miraculous individual species sharing this planet, yet we have dominated them all. We are Supermankind. We humans have feathered our nests nicely, we have prospered and have vastly multiplied. But our success is built upon a flawed model, one of ceaseless expansion and exploitation of the Earths resources.

Powerful people and mechanisms at play would see us continue on this unsustainable, bleak and dangerous path. Increasingly the evidence is ignored, the science is dismissed, protestors are even today labeled as Fringe Loonies…

Humans are well practiced at deception, of ourselves and of others, of a willful ignorance and of turning a blind eye. And in our daily lives we are mired in distractions.

Through my children and through an enduring love of the natural world I am deeply invested in our future, and my artistic enquiry will always reflect this fact. I will not look away, nor will my art offer a distraction from the existential dilemma we face.

The skeleton as motif, is loaded with all sorts of mortal connotations, whilst as a device it is useful as it is a commonality we all share and its use implicates us all.

Dale Cox 2019

Dale Cox’s solo exhibition ‘Supermankind’ Opened March 3  2020 Australian Galleries Melbourne Australia.


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