The logging truck and forklift series seek to convey the idea that when we remove something significant from a location- in this instance the landscape itself- the remaining ‘place’ changes to become a new ‘place’. This may seem self evident until we think more deeply about location and landscape. 

The white truck is like a ‘ghost’, an ethereal, transient being that spirits away an entire place, forever removed from itself, and forever changed. Logging wild trees can never be like harvesting a ‘crop’ Logging removes a landscape, and changes a place forever. The ‘packaging’ of this painted landscape highlights the anomaly between commodity and our environment.

These sculptures create a playful nexus between painting (indeed representational landscape painting) and sculpture- and purposely blurs boundaries across these traditionally distinct disciplines. I have tried to create a visual metaphor that conveys environmental concerns in an engagingly poetic way.
Other pics here show my ‘Perpetual landscape’ (Acrylic paint on linoleum 2007)

A mobious strip painted in a continuous landscape of box ironbark forest, one of the most fragmented and diminished native Australian habitats. The artwork has no beginning or end, no front or back, a continuous unbroken horizon, a 360 degree uninterrupted belt of Australian landscape in memorial to the shattered degraded stands of remnant box iron bark forest that remains. Given time aned space i would like to scale up this artwork from its current approc dimensions of 60cm variable width.

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