Animated Tract painting. See my dedicated page of digitally animated paintings from my Tract Burning series!


“Through Ecology and Indigenous Lore, we understand that fire is an integral and essential aspect of the Australian Environment. Over millions of years our dry Eucalyptus forests have been forged in fire.

They have evolved to be, and are literally ‘designed’ to burn. With Bushfire comes a kind of cleansing, with new regeneration and native species evolved specifically to exploit the opportunities fire creates to renew the forests and open woodlands.

However with mankind’s impact on the Australian Landscape, deforestation and increasing fragmentation of the remnant forests, species depletion, arson and the worrying trends of climate change, as well as our natural inclination to want to dwell within the beauty of our unique landscapes, fire has become an altogether different beast.

As if this wasn’t enough- people actually start fires. My work shows a finite, isolated ‘Tract’ of landscape in peril, summarizing and accentuating the extant pressures we have applied to our environment and highlighting the environmental concept of the ‘Tipping point’. These paintings continue a series of Contemporary ‘Tract’ landscapes begun in 2007 resulting in 2 major Melbourne solo exhibitions at Dianne Tanzer Gallery and recently at Australian Galleries in 2012 and 2013”

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