Dale Cox

Contemporary Artist Dale Cox works across a diverse range of visual media including Film, painting and sculpture, often appropriating found objects as materials for alteration and reinvention.

Challenging conventional notions of painting – Cox enjoys blurring the boundaries of his painting practice into hybridized painted sculptural works, documentaries, video art and film. Cox’s sculptures (often also painted!) explore issues concerning changing perceptions towards Australian History, including the commoditization of the Australian landscape among broader Environmental Themes.

Paintings of bush fires address issues of climate, the precarious imbalance of man altered environments, and the ancient rhythms of the Australian landscape. Other works explore history and fractured contextual timelines, cultural hybridisation, religion and globalisation, subverting the prevailing narratives of post Colonial Australian history.

Other work has explored the cold war era of the ‘Space Race’. In particular the epoch defining event of the first Moon Walk in 1969- and how it redefines our understanding of humankind in the broader Universe. In particular notions of departure- the gravity piercing spiritual foray out of our corporal, earthly bonds into the heavens.

Dale Cox holds an honours degree in Fine Arts (Painting).

Currently represented by Australian Galleries Melbourne and Sydney, Dale has for the past 15 years presented numerous solo exhibitions and participated in several curated group exhibitions, including at the National Gallery of Victoria and The Australian Embassy in Washington DC. Cox’s paintings and sculptures can be found in significant public, corporate and private collections worldwide.

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